Fantasia Barrino First Album Free Yourself

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Fantasia Barrino released her debut album after she won the installment of the American Idol show, in which she was named as one of the Three Divas, with Jennifer Houdson and LaToya London. The album Free Yourself  was released in November 2004. It was the first milestone conquered immediately after winning the show, which proved that Fantasia Barrino was an artist here to stay. Free Yourself  was released under the L Label, by producers Louis Biancaniello, Craig Brookman, Bryan-Michael Cox and many others. Their professional contribution was aimed at instructing Fantasia Barrino into developing a great album, with perfect recordings and amazing songs. The general style of the album is R&B, with a touch of soul inflections. The voice of this amazing artist is what has captivated an entire world and has proven that she can have a long lasting career even after American Idol concluded the featuring season.

Since Fantasia Barrino launched the album in 2004, Free Yourself went platinum in terms of sales in America and was highly appreciated by critics everywhere. One of he most relevant appreciation that the album received was the nomination for over twenty awards, out of which four were Grammy Awards. These have proven that Fantasia Barrino is a great artist and that she can make a career in the entertainment industry and not be a one-hit-wonder. Free Yourself  by Fantasia Barrino includes 13 tracks, out of which 5 became singles: Truth Is, Baby Mama, Free Yourself, It’s All Good, Ain’t Gon’ Beg You. These five hit singles made the most splashes in charts and on the radio stations, being played continuously everywhere and known to all R&B lovers around the world.

Fantasia Barrino was also awarded two great trophies for the album Free yourself. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers issued two awards for her at the R&B / Hip-Hop Awards, in 2006, for the songs Free Yourself and Truth Is. Thus, Fantasia Barrino and her first album made a great impression on the music industry and her following releases only came to show what was already visible – that she is an amazing artist.

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