Main Discography Of Fantasia Barrino

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Fantasia Barrino is a name to be recognized from the American Idol show, from Broadway and theater shows and for her musical materials. The amazing talent with which Fantasia has been provided is the one that managed to make her into the great artist that she is today. For the ways in which she uses her voice, the amount of skill and of dedication that are required have a tremendous level and that is why she is so much passionate about what she does. There have been numerous installments in which she got the chance to showcase her talented voice, such as American Idol, through which she became known to the world.

Since she became that much popular, after her apparition on television, Fantasia started to record and to produce the actual materials that have founded her career in the real way. She started out with the release of Free Yourself. This was the first studio album for the singer and it came out in 2004. From the fact that the album went Platinum in sales in the United States of America, with over 1,820,00 sold copies, it is easy to understand that she became an instant famous artist. Then, in 2006, she came out with the second album, Fantasia, which got Gold in sales, for the 530,000 sold copies. Finally, the latest album, Back to Me, was released in 2010. In addition to these, Fantasia was noticed through the singles to promote the albums, such as: Truth Is, Baby Mama, Free Yourself, Hood Boy, When I See U, Only One U, Bittersweet and I’m Doin’ Me.

Featured singles and other album appearances were the ones to make up the rest of the installments in which Fantasia Barrino made a name for herself. The music industry welcomed her with open arms, after she managed to showcase her skills and talents on the American Idol stage and later on through the materials produced under her name. The most important thing for Fantasia Barrino is that she manged to make her dream come true and that she finally became one of the most well known artists of the music industry in the musical domain adopted by her and in general as well. Fans are still waiting for the following albums of Fantasia, as they cannot get enough of her unique voice and of her special songs.

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