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Fantasia Barrino is a talented and highly appreciated R&B singer. Fantasia Barrino became well known all around the world when she first appeared in the famous television show contest, American Idol. Naturally, Fantasia Barrino went to win the competition, after which the star released her debut single. I Believe became a huge hit, actually debuting directly on number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fantasia Barrino was born in June, 1984, in High Point, North Carolina. The star has actually always been a writer, in 2005 publishing her first book. Life Is Not a Fairy Tale is a memoir book so much appreciated that it became a New York Times best seller. The autobiography of Fantasia Barrino has managed to cause quite a huge public scandal. So, the singer’s father decided to sue his daughter, for defamation. He claimed that much of the story Fantasia Barrino shared in her book regarding her relationship with him was untrue. He asked the sum of $10 million in damage. However, the allegations over untrue claims regarding her father is not the only scandal that Fantasia Barrino had to face. In 2010 it was discovered that the singer has been involved in a long time relationship with a married man, Antwaun Cook. However, Fantasia Barrino always said that the two began dating only after Cook and his wife separated. Fantasia Barrino was actually sued by Cook’s ex-wife, who claimed that the star pursued a relationship with her husband, although she knew about the marriage. A judge pronounced in the favor of Fantasia Barrino.

In August 2010, Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized. So, a new scandal was to affect the singer’s public image. It was claimed that she took an aspirin overdose to help her sleep. It seems that the star was exhausted and was unable to rest, so she turned to the help of pills. The whole event was considered to be an attempt of suicide. Fantasia Barrino herself declared that she was able to survive the incident only due to her love and passion for music. Music saved her, as the star declared back then. However, scandals did not stopped here. In August 2011, the singer announced to be pregnant, but refused to confirm Cook as the father of her child.

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